Standard Diploma Program

This program is designed for the student that struggles academically.  It offers a lower passing grade, modified GPA scale, and periodic review of PACE courses.

General Diploma Program

This is your general high school program that satisfies school and state graduation requirements with a GPA of 2.0/4.0

Academic Diploma Program

Students that can accumulate a GPA of 2.7/4.0 are placed in this program and receive an academic diploma.  These graduates typically enter college taking first year college level courses.

Honor Diploma Program

This program is for students that earn a higher GPA, above 3.5/4.0, and satisfy school and state graduation requirements.  These students are often recruited by local and out of state universities, and are often eligible for advanced courses.

Early Graduation Program

This program allows students to advance in their studies and graduate in three years, having satisfied school and state graduation requirements.

Our High School PROGRAMS

Accelerated Graduation

Standard Diploma

Honors Diploma

Academic Diploma

                         Pre-K thru 12th Grade