Pre-K thru 12th Grade
Do students use laptops?
Our high school students are issued Samsung Chromebooks.

Do you accept scholarship students?
We currently accept students in the Step Up For Students and John McKay scholarships.

Do you offer special courses such as Honor, Online, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses?

Yes, our students may register for courses in these formats.

Do you offer college preparatory courses?
We offer a full list of college prep courses.

Do you prepare students for their college.

Yes, most of our students enter college immediately after graduation.

Do you offer lunch?

Yes, our meal program is catered.  High school students my leave school grounds during lunch.

Do you have a sports program?

We encourage students to participate in sports.  Our students have participated in boys and girls basketball, boys flag football, girls volleyball, and baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions