Mission Statement

We believe in eternal salvation, and in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  Our mission is to educate students not only academically, but socially and spiritually as well.  Students are encouraged to accept Jesus as their Savior.  Our students are taught Bible scriptures in which students learn how the bible relates to their lives.  Students are encouraged to question and inquire about God.  Chapel Services are held in four groups: Pre-K and Kindergarten, First thru Fourth Grade, Fifth through Eighth Grade, and High School.  Guest speakers such as youth leaders, parents, and Pastors from our Christian community are invited to discuss issues and Bible concepts.

Founded in 1989 as a daycare, Trinity Christian Academy has grown to become an accredited high school in its 28 years of experience.  Trinity Christian Academy pursues the highest educational standards in a creative and supportive environment.  Our teachers challenge students' intellects, promote academic excellence, and cultivate individual talents while encouraging independent thinking.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Trinity Christian Academy has established a relationship with our parents and students that will last a lifetime.  The key to our success is that we place this school, its teachers, the administration, and our students under God's guidance.

Another influential factor in the growth of Trinity Christian Academy is the relationship with our parents.  Our parents have an "open door" privilege with our teachers and staff.  Parental involvement is an instrumental asset to the school.        

Our school is operated with structure.  It may remind you of a time when schools produced good students, promoted advancement, and expected respect from students.  We're an accredited school and our teachers are certified..

About Us

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Joseph N. Jimenez
Academics, Mathematics Chair

Yohanka Mendez
Assistant Director - Middle and High School
Language Arts Chair

Student Records and resources

Thania Jimenez
Director - Pre-School
Assistant Director - Elementary
Accounting, Food Service, Housekeeping

                         Pre-K thru 12th Grade